Maximum flexibility in substrate coating

The amcoss machine series are the perfect addition to the already existing product range for photolithography and coatings. The amc equipment series – amc 1000, amc 2000 and amc 2500 – are an intelligent solution and an attractive alternative for the coating of wafers and other substrates with photo resists and other substances.

Keywords: flexibility, user-friendliness and security as far as substrate types to be worked on, software and machine configuration, with all connected processes, are concerned.


Link for Amc equipment demo


Lithography Spare Parts and Services

Hand-Applied Four Point ProbeWe offer, in collaboration with amcoss Austria, a large catalog of Canon, Nikon, ASML and Zygo spare parts and refurbishiment services, already tested and appreciated by some of the biggest European semiconductor manufacturers.

The parts are either second-source parts (at least as performant as your OEM parts) or refurbished parts, repaired and regenerated following strict protocols and offered only after very intensive performance tests.

Our lithography-related catalog includes spare parts for :

  • ASML G& I Line
  • Lithography Lenses
  • ASML KrF, ArF & I Line
  • Canon FPA 3000 i4, i5, i5+, i5++
  • Canon FPA 2000 / 2500 i1, i2, i3
  • Canon Mark III / IV
  • Canon MPA 600
  • Canon Ex 248nm / AS4 193nm
  • Nikon Body i8 - i12
  • Nikon Body i14, 4425i
  • Nikon EX14, S203, S204 (248nm)
  • Zygo and ASML lasers repair

Some of the parts we offer:

  • Canon Laser Window AS4 (Y60-1920)
  • Canon Lens Laser AS4 (Y60-1937)
  • Canon 1st Condensor Lens Refurbishment (Y60-0862 and Y60-0863)
  • Lithography Lenses
  • Canon 3rd Condensor Lens Refurbishment (Y60-1229)

  • ND Filters for FPA3000 (BN9-7005-xx)


  • Nikon Shutter Motor Repair (4B990-515AN)
  • Nikon Sub Interference Filter i14-4425 (4G570-081)
  • Nikon ISS Cover Glass, Condensor Lens, Interference Filter
  • Nikon 2nd and 3rd Dichroic Mirrors (4G570-056AN)


  • Spin Motor Repair DNS 60A/B (2-39-39335)
  • Spin Motor Repair for SK200 DNS
  • Spin Motor Refurbishment SVG90 Developer and Coater
  • Spin Motor Repair TEL Mark 5
  • UV Lamp Ushio USH-255BY
  • TEL Ellipsoidal Mirror Exchange for ACT8
  • TEL UV Lamp for ACT8


  • RTP AMAT Rapid thermal process plate Refurbishment
  • AMAT Centura RTP XE Radiance Refurbishment
  • Temp Match Tool
  • Zygo Laser 7701/7702
  • Zerodur ASML Chuck Refurbishment
  • HP Laser Head 5517A/B/C
  • Off Axis Red Laser
  • Off Axis Green Laser
  • ASML Digital Gradient Filter
  • ASML Interference FIlter
  • AMAT Sapphire


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