Lithography Spare Parts and Services

Hand-Applied Four Point ProbeWe offer, in collaboration with amcoss Austria, a large catalog of Canon, Nikon, ASML and Zygo spare parts and refurbishiment services, already tested and appreciated by some of the biggest European semiconductor manufacturers.

The parts are either second-source parts (at least as performant as your OEM parts) or refurbished parts, repaired and regenerated following strict protocols and offered only after very intensive performance tests.

Our lithography-related catalog includes spare parts for :

  • ASML G& I Line
  • Lithography Interface Filters
  • ASML KrF, ArF & I Line
  • Canon FPA 3000 i4, i5, i5+, i5++
  • Canon FPA 2000 / 2500 i1, i2, i3
  • Canon Mark III / IV
  • Canon MPA 600
  • Canon Ex 248nm / AS4 193nm
  • Lithography Lenses
  • Nikon Body i8 - i12
  • Nikon Body i14, 4425i
  • Nikon EX14, S203, S204 (248nm)
  • Zygo and ASML lasers repair

Some of the parts we offer:

  • Canon Laser Window AS4 (Y60-1920)
  • Canon Lens Laser AS4 (Y60-1937)
  • Canon 1st Condensor Lens Refurbishment (Y60-0862 and Y60-0863)
  • Canon 3rd Condensor Lens Refurbishment (Y60-1229)
  • ND Filters for FPA3000 (BN9-7005-xx)


  • Nikon Shutter Motor Repair (4B990-515AN)
  • Nikon Sub Interference Filter i14-4425 (4G570-081)
  • Nikon ISS Cover Glass, Condensor Lens, Interference Filter
  • Nikon 2nd and 3rd Dichroic Mirrors (4G570-056AN)


  • Spin Motor Repair DNS 60A/B (2-39-39335)
  • Spin Motor Repair for SK200 DNS
  • Spin Motor Refurbishment SVG90 Developer and Coater
  • Spin Motor Repair TEL Mark 5
  • UV Lamp Ushio USH-255BY
  • TEL Ellipsoidal Mirror Exchange for ACT8
  • TEL UV Lamp for ACT8


  • RTP AMAT Rapid thermal process plate Refurbishment
  • AMAT Centura RTP XE Radiance Refurbishment
  • Temp Match Tool
  • Zygo Laser 7701/7702
  • Zerodur ASML Chuck Refurbishment
  • HP Laser Head 5517A/B/C
  • Off Axis Red Laser
  • Off Axis Green Laser
  • ASML Digital Gradient Filter
  • ASML Interference FIlter
  • AMAT Sapphire


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