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Capacitance And Current Voltage (C-V I-V) Analysis Systems

Complete line of systems & software for CV, conductance, IV, gate integrity, doping profile, TVS Customizable with a wide range of meters (agilent, keithley, HP) modulable, complete & powerful analysis software packages. Some of the users of the MDC CSM.Win systems monitor critical processing steps for contamination and material quality.


  • Surface access measures resistance, thickness
  • Adapted stations support specific metrology needs
  • Operator efficiency and cost reduction



Whether you require a simple C-V plotter to measure mobile ion contamination or an advanced system to measure multi-frequency C-V, I-V, TVS, or gate oxide integrity, Materials Development Corporation has a computerized system for you. And that system comes complete with all necessary hardware and the most versatile Windows software available.

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Probe Stations:

441-150 Cryogenic

This model provides a shielded, electrically quiet, atmosphere controlled environment for high sensitivity capacitance and current measurements at near liquid nitrogen temperatures, 77°K.

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Cylindrical Four Point Probe Head

This model provides unique capabilities for advanced MOS device measurements. Proportionally controlled direct current heating provides the most electrically quiet environment for high sensitivity capacitance and current measurements.

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Mercury Probe

MDC MERCURY PROBES are precision instruments that enable rapid, convenient, and non-destructive measurements of semiconductor samples by probing wafers with mercury to form contacts of well-defined area. MDC MERCURY PROBES may be connected to C -V plotters, computerized semiconductor measurement systems, curve tracers, or doping profilers for a variety of measurements. MERCURY PROBES eliminate...

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Special Probes:

Nanoprobing / Compact Probe

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MicroPosition Probe Robots
Micro-Robotic Positioner & Controller

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Special Arm with 4 Point Probe Head

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Low Profile Probe Head for Hall Measurements

For use in making four point probe measurements associated with Hall measurements.

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