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Epitaxy Solutions

Mercury Probe

- Characterization of thin epitaxial layers grown on silicon.
- Thin-film characterization screening tool to conduct rapid integrity tests on various substrate surfaces.
- Mercury Probes connect to C-V plotters, doping profilers, computerized semiconductor measurement systems, or the MDC software CSM-WIN
- Resistance can be measured on thin films composed of any material that does not react with mercury such as metals, semiconductors, oxides, and chemical coatings
- Mercury Probes can measure oxidized or bare Silicon wafers
- For MOS devices a darkbox is available to prevent light interference.
- Includes a complete set of manuals and comprehensive on-line help
- The software allows for custom system parameters, meter selections, on-line calibration guide
- MDC-CSM/Win software can measure Mobile Ions, Lifetime, Gate Oxide Integrity, Interface Traps / Shallow or deep traps, Quasi-static, Multi-frequency, Thin oxides.

- High voltage up to 500V for SiC, GaN
- HEMT software for GaN

- Perform rapid, non-destructive electrical characterization of non-metallized planar semiconductors: SiC, GaAs, 2DEG, GaN, AlGaN, InP, CdS, InSb, etc.
- Avoid special metallization step which takes several hours with alternative methods

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